1. Tea For Two 2. Frim Fram Sauce 3. It Might As Well Be Spring 4. The Nearness Of You 5. Summertime 6. What A Difference A Day Made 7. That’s All 8. Ellie My Love 9. My Favorite Things 10. Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You 11. Tennessee Waltz 12. Caravan 13. Corcovado 14. Dream A Little Dream    ------------------------- Pf 山岸笙子 B 鈴木克人 D 公手徹太郎 Sax/Fl 大山日出男

NY録音「On The 48th Street」

1. ‘S Wonderful 2. Black Coffee 3. On A Clear Day 4. Just Squeeze Me 5. Old Devil Moon 6. As Time Goes By 7. The Shadow Of Your Smile 8. Guess Who I Saw Today 9. I Wish You Love 10. Sway 11. You And The Night And The Music 12. New York State Of Mind   ------------------------- Ts Andy Farber As Jerry Dodgion Bs Jack Stuckey Tb John Allred Tp Brian Pareschi Pf Xavier Davis / Shoko Yamagishi B Ben Wolfe Ds Alvester Garnett (Sear Sound Studio, N.Y.) (Sear Sound Studio, N.Y.)

2015年9月発売 「Water Is My Love」
”水は恋人” English Version 水道事業に携わる人々への応援歌
Pf槙田友紀 B鈴木克人 Ds柴田亮

作曲 山村尊房 日本語歌詞作詞 杉戸大作
英詞訳 ランデル洋子

Jazzy 4 Beat, Bossa Nova, Up Tempo, Waltzのアレンジ