Randell’s Corporation

Expert of tour guide / interpreter-translation services

A tour guide is the key for success of your tour in Japan !
We perform as cultural bridges of Japan for the world!

Tour guides, Escorts, Attendants:
~ from standard to top level quality in the country ~

The above services are available in 9 different foreign languages. (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean.) Our 400 registered guides are government-licensed & well trained with wonderful personalities who can satisfy customers with flexibility and experience.
Let us know your needs and we will arrange the best matched staff from the standpoint of experience, personality and your budget.

Experience produces high-level staff:

We have served travel companies and hotels since 2002 and are now producing "premium guides" by special training sessions designed for luxurious high-end guests.
Our president, Yoko Randell (Ph.D. in cross-cultural communication science), is the most noted person as a tour guide trainer in the country, and was a regular member of Japan Tourism Agency inbound tour guide related committees from 2005, having published 11 books.

Along with tour guides, we are capable of arrangements of cars and special visits:

We can arrange chartered vehicles and visits to fascinating off-beaten hot spots and sites for various cultural and activity experiences.

Affiliated Non-Profit Organization for specialized training:

(Guide Interpreting and Communication Skill Studies Association) is our affiliated tour guide training organization that provides intensive training courses for newly approved certified guides every year. GICSS also offers various training sessions to freshman to veteran tour guides to acquire knowledge and improve skills continuously throughout the year. (Japan Tourism Agency Registration No.3)

About us: Company Profile 

・Company Name:Randell's Corporation
・Address: Main Office
〒154-0023#207, 3-24-12 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone:03-3706-1551  Fax:03-3706-9401
Nagoya Office
〒460-0018 2F, 3-6-2, Chikara-machi, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya City
・Capital Stock:JP\35,000,000-
・CEO:Yoko Haruta Randell
・Others: Travel Service Arrangement Business Registration Tokyo#20165
Worker Dispatch Business Government Registration#Han-13-301994
※Inquiry/Contact:e-mail:a-team@randells.jp(English/Japanese only)

Profile of CEO
Yoko Haruta Randell

Government Licensed Guide-Interpreter/Certified Tour Conductor/
Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Communication Science

Graduated from Nanzan University and studied at Northern Illinois University as an International Rotary Foundation Scholarship Student. Worked as an international tour conductor, inbound tour guide, business interpreter, and training coach and lecturer. (tour guiding skill, cross-cultural communication skill, manner & protocol, etc.,)
President of Randell's Corporation since 2002. Established NPO GICSS, Guide Interpreting and Communication Skill Studies Association in 1999 and has been its president. She has been a regular member of Japan Tourism Agency inbound tour guide-related committees. She has published 11 books.